Today, sport is  practiced for leisure as well as for competition, and has become a powerful social force that has a considerable influence on the structure of our society.

We thought about you and it took us a lot of time and inspiration to create a comfortable and modern collection that you will love!

Maya sport hijab

Designed with a pleasant and breathable material for more comfort, it allows a tight hold on the head with its flexible and airy texture, it is also elongated at the neck to promote its stability.


Breathable and quick drying, this comfortable hijab stays in place and even includes space for your headphones.

Available in 5 colours:



Dark blue 



Our sport sweaters

Our trendy and modern sweaters give you a feeling of comfort with an opening to pass the thumb, slightly zipped up collar, ideal for running or going to the gym.

Designed with an extremely comfortable material, Lightweight, this sweater is very stretchy which allows the sporty a great freedom of movement.

It removes moisture from the outside. It is a material capable of drying in record time.

Available in 4 colours:

Mottled blue


 Mottled grey


Our sport cotton sweaters

Because it’s important to be comfortable,whether you’re a veiled woman or just a modest woman who wants to respect the codes of modest fashion while feeling beautiful, with a round neck and long sleeves, This 100% cotton striped sweater will give you a feeling of comfort.

Our tracksuits

Thanks to their high quality 100% cotton fabrics, our clothes are comfortable to wear, soft, breathable and lightweight.

Combine effortless comfort and casual style with our range of tracksuits.

available in 3 models for all tastes . Make your choice!

tracksuit Dahlia pink

Black Iris tracksuit

Blue hortensia tracksuit

All you have to do is find the motivation and you are ready for new sports adventures with the Maya sport collection!